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Welcome to a world of excitement, science, and outreach. Storm Vision Productions is on the cutting edge of the most exciting business in the world today, Mother Nature. It has been 375 years since the first recorded hurricane hit US soil in southeast New England in 1635. 2005 was the first year that a complete documentary of each U.S. landfall storm was made as the events unfolded. Today, Storm Vision Productions has a truly limited reach, with access to the coast of the US – Atlantic Basin and Gulf of Mexico . However, our vision is passionate as we hope to film major weather events worldwide in the future. Few media companies have the characters, impressions and entertainment capability that Storm Vision Productions will provide. We invite you to learn more about our website content and products.

Name : Ryan N. Rhodes

Nickname: The Professor

Occupation:  Legal industry Consultant

Would rather be: Taking a world cruise

Weather experience (most memorable weather experience…): The great Houston flood in October of 1994. Most of my friends in my neighborhood were completely flooded out of their homes. Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 – the Houston\Galveston area were swallowed by the massive rains out of this slow moving system. Hurricane Charley in 2004 – I chased this one with my buddy Mr PINK…that storm would have scared anybody! Hurricane Katrina with Salamander in 2005.

Yrs. chasing hurricanes/storms: 12 years

 Age: 29

I believe…: That gas prices are too high!!

Personal Quote: "Working with SVP is a little like waltzing with a hurricane. It's always exciting, and you're never quite sure where it's going to take you. "

 I want to…….    before I go!: I want to visit every continent before I go.


Name : Steve Flynn

Nickname: Cyclone Steve 'o

Occupation: General Manager              

Would rather be:Exploring the islands of the Caribbean

 Weather experience (most memorable weather experience…): Hurricane Bell, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Jeanne, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Wilma.

Yrs. chasing hurricanes/storms: I officially started chasing Hurricanes with the Professor. Hurricane Jeanne was my first in 2004.


Going on: 30, it is a vintage age that combines wisdom with recklessness.

I believe…: Personal Quote: “Go BIG or don't go at all!!”, “I've always said that!!”, "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!"

 I want to…….    before I go!: See the Son of Man coming in the clouds with power and glory!!


Name : Mark A. Hodgson

Nickname: Loco!

Occupation:   Haz-Mat Team Supervisor             

Would rather be: Surfing (On a Beach!)

 Weather experience (most memorable weather experience…): Each of my experiences are memorable, but if I had to choose it would be all the times as a child my father would wake me in the middle of the night to watch the storms and lightning roll in. Little did he know he was feeding my passion from a very early age.

Yrs. chasing hurricanes/storms: Hurricanes and Storms in general have always been a part of my life. Growing up on the South Texas Gulf Coast and coming from a seafood family I have always been very aware of the devastating impacts of a powerful storm. I can remember back to my early years preparing for Hurricanes and then getting shipped off to Dallas to stay with my Aunt while the weather passed (less worry for my father)

 Age: 32 (Not sure how that happened! Lucky I guess!)

Going on: Four (Big Kid for Life)

I believe…: You only have one shot so you better make it count!!!!

Personal Quote: “Committed to the core!!”, “No Regrets!!”

 I want to…….    before I go!: I want to run to the bathroom before I go!!

Name: Nelson E. Rosado

Nickname: Mr. P.I.N.K.

Occupation: Litigation Tech Specialist \ Majoring in Psychology and computer Science \ Hurricane Chaser

Would rather be: Flying a F-15

Weather experience: Swimming in a flood in Honduras , Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Charlie, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Wilma

Age: 35

Going on: 90, wiser than ever

I believe…: in myself of course

Personal Quote: "Persistence makes the way "

 I want to.... before I go: Make a movie


Name: Rhett Rhodes

Hometown: Humble, TX

Nickname: Stay Puff

Occupation: Student @ UT

Would rather be: Chronic Tax Evader

Weather experience (most memorable weather experience?): Caught in Tropical Storm Francis, Hurricane Dennis

Yrs. chasing hurricanes/storms: 4


Going on: 19.5


I believe?: Storm Vision Productions is responsible for brewing these storms.

Personal Quote: "Trying is the first step towards failure."


I want to........ before I go!:Play for the Houston Rockets and lead them to a championship


Name : Epik Moran

Nickname: Num skull

Occupation: Imaging Supervisor \ Hurricane Chaser

Would rather be: With Jessica Beil (perfection at its best)

 Weather experience (most memorable weather experience …):I roughed it out through Hurricane Andrew, I guess that counts for some credibility. Though young at the time, I was always tempted to go outside during the worst times of the hurricane, mainly out of curiosity, just to witness Mother Nature's wrath. All that comes to mind now is that erie hollow sound the wind makes when they're coming to get you.


Yrs. chasing hurricanes/storms: TS. Arlene, Hurricane Wilma (2 yrs)

 Age: 31

I believe…: I can fly and probably will (depending on what category the storm will be. )

Personal Quote: "Heiniken please"

 I want to…….    before I go!:Have a home with a huge back yard, a beautiful wife.


The Farq

Name: Scott S. Farquharson

Nickname: Farq

Occupation: Network Support (Honorable U.S. Navy veteran) \ Hurricane Chaser

Would rather be: Backpacking in the Smokey Mountains.

Weather experience: New to the team with excellent survival skills. Did endure Allison (name hence retired) and enjoyed the eye of Aleica. Rita had no bite in Houston.

Age: 43

Going on: Raising a fine son.

I believe…: In Christ and loving everyone.

Personal Quote:
“What you resist, persist.”

I want to.... before I go:
Drink wine and eat a steak with the new Pope.

Name: Jason A. Salaman

Nickname: Salamander

Occupation: Technical Litigation Specialist \ Hurricane Chaser

Would rather be: Hugging my 2 boys.

Weather experience: I went on the Katrina chase.  I’ve been through some extreme weather in my day, from blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, and small tornadoes.


Going on: Only what I know, never what I don’t

I believe…: In karma.

Personal Quote:
I didn't do it!

I want to.... before I go:
Can't tell or I'll have to kill ya!

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